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English Conversation Advertisement

English Conversation AdvertisementIt’s popular to think that Facebook knows everything about you, but it’s actually far from the truth. As a foreigner living in Japan, the ads shown to be are usually quite irrelevant. For example, today I was targeted by an advertisement for English conversation lessons: I guess it is a step up from being targeted by ads for Chinese counterfeiters. The situation in the US is not necessarily any better. When I visited last month, I was targeted by all kinds of ads that probably would be better directed at women: In this case it’s presumably the advertiser, or whicheverContinue reading »

Updating the Design for Your Next Shoes

Updating the Design for Your Next ShoesWe’re in the process of updating the design of Your Next Shoes. Being a fashion blog, we feel that our previous design was too text heavy, especially in this day and age with picture blogs like Pinterest and Tumblr being so popular. Our new design looked like this (for some reason the ads are not showing): The new design looks like this: As you can see, it has more pictures and less text. It’ll be interesting to see how our readers like the new design. One way to tell is to see if we get more pageviews and if visitorsContinue reading »

Facebook Thumbnail Not Showing – How to Fix

Facebook Thumbnail Not Showing - How to FixMarch 26, 2013 – Update: Today we could not get the thumbnails to show even after following the steps below. However, when we created a link using, we were able to choose from 10 different thumbnails. After using the Facebook debugger, it may be worth trying a couple of different shorteners to see if that solves the problem. If you’re sharing a link on Facebook, normally you’ll be allowed to select which thumbnail to show along with a short description. However, sometimes Facebook will only allow you a limited selection of thumbnails to choose from. For example, today weContinue reading »

Water Slider With a Spectacle View

Water Slider With a Spectacle View Okinawa Marriott Resort and Spa is quite possibly the only hotel in the world from which you can see a spectacle from the outdoor pool. According to the hotel homepage: Unfortunately they don’t let you know what kind of spectacle that can be seen from the pool, so I guess the only way to find out is to contact the hotel to ask what kind of spectacle is being offered right now.

Yamatokan Shimoda Facebook Update

Yamatokan Shimoda Facebook UpdateJust a copy of a status update from Yamotokan in Shimoda. In Japan many people are extremely concerned about their privacy, but I am not sure if the hotel made the right choice by having its employees look like criminals:

Example of Google’s Poor Search Engine Algorithm

Example of Google's Poor Search Engine AlgorithmI want to give you an example of how our biggest blog, Your Next Shoes, is ranking in poorly in search engines; Today I did a google search for “Take a Tour of Kat Von D’s Shoe Closet”, which is the title of a recent blog post. This is the result I get: Currently our blog entry is not to be found anywhere on the first page, and even is ranking higher than our blog with a simple link to our blog entry. In fact our blog entry does not show up anywhere in the search results. In comparison,Continue reading »