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Louis Vuitton Facebook Scam Ads

Louis Vuitton Facebook Scam AdsI took another look at my Facebook ads today and found some new ones that looked more than a little suspicious: The most interesting one was the Louis Vuitton ad. As far as I can recall, it’s just the second time that I’ve seen scammers advertise this brand on Facebook (first time was here). It’s often repeated that over 85% of Tokyo women in their 20s own a piece of Louis Vuitton, though I think this figure is highly exaggerated. Still, it remains an extremely popular brand here and a status symbol that people work hard to buy. It’s worthContinue reading »

Chinese Facebook Scammers Becoming More Sophisticated

Chinese Facebook Scammers Becoming More SophisticatedFacebook is doing nothing to stop the scam ads for counterfeit products. On the other hand, the Chinese scammers are improving their game. Today I saw a couple of ads for Oakley and Ray-Ban: I first took a look at, which was registered just a few days ago for 1 year: As I have stated previously as well, an easy way for Facebook to stop these scammers would be to extra carefully review ads submitted for domains registered during the last few months or so. It’s well-known that the age of a domain is one factor considered by GoogleContinue reading »