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Not Easy to Compete when Google Gives Preference to Youtube Videos

Not Easy to Compete when Google Gives Preference to Youtube VideosOne of our blog posts, “21 Celebrities with Their Dresses and Skirts Caught in the Wind“, used to rank well for the term “windy skirt”.  However, for some reason we stopped ranking and can not be found among the top 50 search results. When searching google today for “windy skirt”, I got the following search results: It certainly is not easy to rank when Google gives preference to a bunch of crappy videos on Youtube, a website that not surprisingly is owned by Google.

How Macy’s Uses Black Hat Methods to Improve SEO Ranking

How Macy's Uses Black Hat Methods to Improve SEO RankingFebruary 12, 2011, was a nightmarish day for J.C. Penney. In a well-researched article in the New York Times, David Segal exposed how the retailer had been buying links to improve its search engine ranking. Google immediately took manual action, and J.C. Penney quickly disappeared from Google search results. In December of the same year, I contacted David Segal regarding a solicitation that I received from a now-defunct company called Atrinsic that offered me $50 to link “shoes” in a blog post on Your Next Shoes to a specific page at While he seemed interested, David Segal decided notContinue reading »

Google Video Search Results

Google Video Search ResultsI think it’s great that Google is providing more video search results, but isn’t it going a bit overboard? When doing some competitive research today, I discovered that a search for “Ways to Wear the Scarf as a Hair or Head Accessory” provides video links as the first 7 results. Four of them are actually results for the same video, but even when overlooking the duplicate search results, my preference would be if Google would limit the results to 2-3 videos per search. How about having the option to show more videos? For example, they could display 2-3 videos, thenContinue reading »

Removing the Google+ Button

Removing the Google+ ButtonWe have decided to remove the Google+ buttons from all our blogs. While we added them shortly after the launch of Google+,  as far as we can see they’ve not contributed positively to our SEO ranking or helped us in other ways. Our most popular blog has over 1.6 million Facebook likes, but only 107 users have bothered to click the Google+ button. While our case may be extreme due to the nature of our audience, Google Plus so far has been a tremendous failure. How about you? Will you be keeping the Google+ button? Outranking Official Louboutin Site Outranking Official Louboutin SiteWhile I am doing my best to understand Google’s SEO algorithm, sometimes the search results I get make no sense whatsoever. Take for example this search for “Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato”: The highest ranking result is an obvious counterfeiter hosted on (a free hosting service): With tons of backlinks from dubious Chinese websites, they manage to outrank retailers like Net-a-Porter and even the official Christian Louboutin website. It seems like Google needs to make some more Panda and Penguin SEO updates!

Example of Google’s Poor Search Engine Algorithm

Example of Google's Poor Search Engine AlgorithmI want to give you an example of how our biggest blog, Your Next Shoes, is ranking in poorly in search engines; Today I did a google search for “Take a Tour of Kat Von D’s Shoe Closet”, which is the title of a recent blog post. This is the result I get: Currently our blog entry is not to be found anywhere on the first page, and even is ranking higher than our blog with a simple link to our blog entry. In fact our blog entry does not show up anywhere in the search results. In comparison,Continue reading »

Removing Poor Quality Content

My primary reason for starting this blog is that I want to keep track of SEO changes we made to our blogs. Google has disliked our blogs for a long time, and we get little to no search traffic from Google. More on this later, but today we deleted a lot of content to see if this can have a positive impact on our search engine rankings. As Google’s Michael Wyszomierski has stated previously: “Our recent update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites, so the key thing for webmasters to do is make sure their sites are theContinue reading »