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How ShareASale Works with Scam Merchants

Gladiator BootsWe recently published a shoe shopping guide on Your Next Shoes with information on how to avoid online stores selling fake footwear. In the blog post, we warned against Chinese retailers such as ShoesPie, Tidebuy, and Tidestore. Similar for them all is that they copy product images from reputable retailers and pretend to sell them on their own websites. When the customer finally gets his or her order (if anything at all), it’s usually too late to complain to the credit card company or Paypal. Today I came across another scam site, namely Dress W+E, usually just referred to asContinue reading »

How Tokyo’s Top Luxury Hotels Fail at Social Listening

How Tokyo's Top Luxury Hotels Fail at Social ListeningLast week, I participated in a podcast with Christian Brodin, who runs the blog Maverick CEO. In the podcast, we discuss social media trends and how Your Next Shoes has developed a fan base of over 1.8 million on Facebook. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes. As part of the conversation, I briefly touched upon an issue that I’ve pondered on for a while. While I travel relatively infrequently, I enjoy leaving hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. An early adopter of user-generated content, the website is used by millions of travelers. The valuation of TripAdvisor is higher than thatContinue reading »