Facebook – Fake Nike Advertisements

Just to show that Facebook has not stopped accepting advertising from fraudulent online stores:


kukinifree.com uses a gmail address ([email protected]) as contact information and the domain was registered in China last year:

kukinifree Whois

To me this does not look like a very reputable website for Nike shoes. The [email protected] email address was actually also used for the Oakley sites that I wrote about earlier this year. Today I came across this blog post written by a Japanese user. Even if you can not read Japanese, you can see that he received fake and broken sunglasses after seeing an advertisement for oakleyjpshop.com on Facebook. He is understandably not happy about it.

Facebook is still accepting advertisements for fake Oakley sunglasses. Here is one that I saw today:


oakley-japan.com was registered just a few days ago by fraudsters in China:


Finally, here is one more, this time for jp-oakley.com:

Oakley 2

The domain jp-oakley.com was also registered for just one year earlier this month:

Oakley 2 Whois

I love this; When I access the Oakley Facebook page I am bombarded by Chinese counterfeiters selling fake Oakley sunglasses:

Oakley Facebook Page