Chinese Spammers With a Sense of Humor

For a long time I have blogged about the Chinese scammers operating on Facebook with the implicit blessing of Mark Zuckerberg’s spam team. While the spam ads are usually removed within a few days or weeks, it seems to be good business as new ads appear on a daily basis. Today these three Facebook advertisements caught my eye:




“Baggu” is the Japanese word for “bag”, and “handobaggu” is how a Japanese would typically pronounce the English word “handbag”. Finding good .com domain names isn’t easy, but RunFa Zhou (obviously not his real name) really used his imagination for this scam:


While the domain was registered just a few days ago, RunFa Zhou for some reason decided to go with a Christmas theme for his website:

Christmas Scam Site

RunFa: While I barely know you, I think I am in love.